Friday, October 13, 2023

[NJFAC] wage theft: $50+ billion a year stolen from workers

News media interested in crime—its impact on human beings, on society, its cost to the economy—would be interested in wage theft, the more than $50 billion a year stolen from workers in this country. But when is the last time your nightly local news talked about that, or encouraged you to be outraged and concerned and moved to action about that? There are efforts to address this ongoing, mundane thievery, but so far it seems to be under the radar of news outlets that, in every other way, suggest they care very much about crime, all the time.

Rodrigo Camarena is director of Justicia Lab, and co-author, with Cristobal Gutierrez, of the article "How to End Wage Theft—and Advance Immigrant Justice" that appeared earlier this month on He is also co-creator of ¡Reclamo!, a tech-enabled initiative to combat wage theft.....

June Zaccone
National Jobs for All Network

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