Wednesday, March 23, 2022

[NJFAC] Wall Street Bonuses Have Soared 1,743% Since 1985

Jaw-Dropping': Wall Street Bonuses Have Soared 1,743% Since 1985

A new analysis out Wednesday estimates that if the federal minimum wage had grown at the same rate as Wall Street bonuses over the past three and a half decades, it would currently be $61.75 an hour instead of $7.25.

According to fresh data from the New York State Comptroller, the average bonus dished out to Wall Street employees jumped 20% to a record $257,500 in 2021 as big banks reported huge profits despite widespread havoc caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Last year's average Wall Street bonus was the highest since 2006, prior to the Great Recession.

The comptroller's office points out that while the securities industry comprises just 5% of private-sector employment in New York City, it makes up one-fifth of total private-sector wages.
Taking the new figures into account, Sarah Anderson of the Institute for Policy Studies notes in a report that the average Wall Street bonus has soared by 1,743% since 1985.

"By contrast, typical American workers lost earnings power in 2021," Anderson writes, noting that high inflation has eroded the modest wage gains seen by ordinary people. "Average weekly earnings for all U.S. private-sector employees rose by only 2% between January 2021 and January 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics."....

June Zaccone
National Jobs for All Network

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