Wednesday, January 27, 2016

[NJFAC] A Green Jobs Economy Can Help Save the Planet and Create Many New Jobs

Robert Pollin, an economist at University of Massachusetts-Amherst is
quoted in the Campaign for America's Future's daily posting. Pollin's
statement comes from the Nov 16, 2015 issue of The Nation and relates
to his recent book, Greening the Global Economy:

For the United States, we found that increasing
investments by around
$200 billion per year to raise energy-efficiency
standards and expand
clean, renewable production (about 1.2 percent of
current GDP) would
drop U.S. emissions by 40 percent within 20
years, while creating a
net increase of 2.7 million jobs. This is after
taking full account of
the jobs that would be lost as oil, coal, and
natural-gas production
fell by 40 percent." (Roger Hickey,, Jan 27, 2016)

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